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Introducing Duckoori Experience Village
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2018-09-09 20:24:52

About Deokwoo-ri

Deokwoo-ri is getting massive attention!


“tvN Three Meals A Day”

“MBC Dad! Where Are We Going?”

“Won, Bin and Lee, Na Young Wedding”


Welcome to Deokwoo-ri( (BaekOhDam) Village Experience!


The Deokwoo-ri Village Experience is cozily located in Jeongseon, Gangwon-do. Which has recently become famous for “tvN Three Meals A Day” “MBC Dad! Where Are We Going?” The “Won, Bin and Lee, Na Young Wedding”. Deokwoo-ri is also the historical location where “Lee, Hwang”, the fourth son of King YeonSan, was exiled and died because of Kim Pal bal’s Rebel.


Deokwoo-ri is of great for its scenic beauty and Eeocheon local wind (Deokwoo-ri). In addition, there are towering rocky cliffs and many rocky peaks over 100m as if it was hand carved. Villagers of Deokwoo-ri made great use of beautiful eight different sceneries called Deokwoopalkyung. Cultural tourism resource have also built a walking trail.


*Tips on Deokwoopalkyung (덕우8경)

OkSun-bong, the First Kyung/ChuiJeok-bong, the Second Kyung/Woonguem-Jang, the Third Kyung/ Baekoh-dam, the Fourth Kyung/GuWoon-byung/ the Fifth Kyung, Banseon-Jung/the Sixth Kyung/ Jewoel-Dae/the Seventh Kyung/Nakmo-Am, the Eighth Kyung.

It is also called ‘Donggye 12kyung’, additioning Janghyun-kyung, Darae-Nae, GuJin-cheon, Samhab-Su.


We, The Deokwoo-ri Expereince Village, are running various programs that kids or adults can enjoy together and keep studying. Our slogan is to satisfy our visitors/customers.


“Jeongsun in JeongSun!” “Fresh and Creative Expreience Village”!


We welcome you with open arms!


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